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Property Management with LJ Hooker Leeming


Employing an experienced property manager who knows and understands the importance of efficient and compliant property management will be of huge benefit in the long term. 


Essentially, a property manager provides a complete and total management service of your investment, leaving you time to focus on your own daily tasks.  From providing professional marketing services, achieving maximum returns, sourcing and qualifying potential tenants, managing your accounts, completing inspections on a regular basis, and finding the right trades people for ongoing repairs and maintenance, professional property management agencies can look after it all.  


Best of all, as licensed real estate and property management practitioners they are therefore trained in the relevant state legislation and understand the rights and obligations of landlords, tenants and agents.


By handing your valuable asset over to a qualified and experienced property manager and paying a small, tax deductible fee for their services, you will ultimately free up your own invaluable time to do what matters most to you.


Good property management requires a proactive team of people who consistently take the necessary steps to ensure that both the landlord and tenant are satisfied. 


If you would like to know more about our services, please contact Business Development & Leasing Manager Catherine Otway on (08) 9310 0444 or contact her via email at cotway.leeming@ljh.com.au