Ronnie Sundo

Trust Account Manager

Ronnie has worked in the Real Estate industry since 2003 and joined the LJ Hooker network in 2006. As one of LJ Hooker Leeming’s longest serving Property Manager’s Ronnie has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she is keen to share with the rest of the team. With a background in finance and accounting as well as a passion for grass roots and community sports, Ronnie has amassed skills in many areas, all of which assist her in providing professional yet personal service to her clients.

In 2009 Ronnie qualified for membership into LJ Hooker elite Captain’s Club, ranking her in the top 7% of Property Managers within LJ Hooker’s international network. To qualify for the Captain’s Club property managers must meet set service standards, KPIs, annual training levels and certification. Ronnie has requalified every year since her inception.

In 2010 Ronnie took out the highly coveted Property Manager of the Year award at LJ Hooker’s Night of the Stars Awards Ball. This award is the highest accolade available to LJ Hooker Property Managers in Western Australia and is a testament to Ronnie’s passion, commitment and dedication to her landlords and tenants.

“I love to provide my clients with the attention to detail required to effectively manage their property. I know our products, systems & legislation extremely well and work hard to ensure a positive outcome for both my landlords and tenants at all times”. Ronnie Sundo.


  • Satisfaction
    ( 4.6 / 5.0 )
  • Recommendation
    ( 4.6 / 5.0 )
  • Performance
    ( 4.7 / 5.0 )
  • Captain's Club (PIM)
    Captain's Club (PIM)

What our customers say

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Ronnie Sundo is the best - we know she works in our best interest in looking after our investment. We're in good hands

Susan, Atwell

Ronnie Sundo provided us with a lot of good advice and asistance this year especailly when we were dealing with a tenant who had absconded. Ronnie's experience in the industry was obvious in the way the whole situation was handled - THANK YOU Ronnie. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and all the LJ Hooker Leeming staff. Regards Kuljit and Rajiv

Kuljit - Willetton

Always keep me up to date with the property issue like maintenance, property condition, lease renewal and very professional and knowledgable in dealing with the issue.

Ken, perth

I have found Ronnie a pleasure to work with. She is professional in all her dealings and a true asset to the company

B. Hederics, Townsville

Ronnie is very punctual with tasks concerning our property and is always willing to go the extra distance to make sure that both us as owners and the tenant are happy with the property. We value her commitment to our investment.

Peter & Wendy, Thornlie

Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the service Ronnie gives me - she is s star!! I am far away and she always lets me know what is happening and helps getting anything fixed. I trust her advise 100%. I did refer you to my sister, and I think she has used you to rent her property :) Have a great day and thanks to you and your team for your superb service. Best regards,

Diana, Leeming

Hi Pauline, Sometimes we don't give enough praise when it is deserved! So I would just like to say how wonderful Ronnie is, as she goes over and above what is expected of her and I know of friends who are always complaining about their Property Managers, but I never have a problem with Ronnie, she is always so obliging. You should be very proud of her Pauline, which I'm sure you are.

Ron, Atwell

Dear Pauline and Ronnie, In response to your letter I'd like to say that I'm very happy with the level of service that the team at L.J. Hooker Leeming offers and in particular when working with Ronnie. I've had a rental property in Western Australia since 1987 and have experienced varied levels of service. Through a very poor service, I've suffered a great loss on one property which almost became non-tenantable due to the extreme mismanagement. It was a landlord's worst nightmare. So I believe I have insight into how devastating poor property management can be to your investment portfolio and belief in owning property being a worthwhile experience. I came to find L.J. Hooker Leeming through a man who services pools and he recommended Ronnie as a property manager as he had extensive experience with agents. He also rented and as a tenant understood the impact of how property managers conducted their business. Through his recommendation I have had a good experience . I'm contacted promptly about issues, the tenants are carefully selected (vital to get a good tenant), my opinion is sought and my requests are followed through with and appropriate feedback is provided. Pauline has been very good with guiding me on rent review. Again, there is good communication and appropriate action with a balance between owner and tenant. There is a strong sense of team support and communication within the office. I feel confident with L.J. Hooker Leeming from all aspects as to how my properties are being managed and would be happy to recommend to others.

Gudrun, Kardinya

You are most welcome and very worthy of a recommendation. You were brilliant and I meant it when I said I would absolutely trust you to look after any property I choose to rent out. Thank you again for your hard work.

Susan Cullinane

LJ Hookers Leeming and in particular Ronnie who has been our Property Manager for near on 5 years now, has always been professional, friendly, helpful and is always a pleasure to deal with. We don't have to worry about our house as we know any problems are taken care of in a timely manner and she is in touch as soon as problems arise. Thanks Ronnie for taking care of our home in Leeming while we are 600ks away. Your organization & customer service skills are second to none. I would recommend Hookers Leeming to anyone.... keep Ronnie she is a treasure!

Kerry & Bruce, Leeming

My Awards

  • Captain's Club (PIM) - Jun 2018
  • Annual WA - Top Property Investment Manager - Jun 2010