Emergency Procedure for Tenants

Tenant Emergency Procedure        
An emergency. What it is; the English dictionary defines an emergency as a dangerous or serious situation, such as an accident, that happens suddenly or unexpectedly and needs immediate action can be either to property or person.
If you are faced with an emergency please ensure you lodge it on Maintenance Manager immediately and set the correct severity.
1. Minor (Non Urgent)
2. Moderate (could become more serious)
3. Major (Emergency)
Once you have defined if the matter is an emergency or not we have listed the ways in which to deal with an emergency.
Please remember your safety is important to us.

Damage to Glass (break and enter)
1. Contact the police and get a police report number

2. Once you have the police report number email this to your property manager with a brief description.

3. Contact the glazier (Prompt Glass 9330 555 or 0411872938) and provide him with the police report number and request that he include the number on his invoice and that the invoice be sent to LJ Hooker Leeming.

Note:If you fail to provide the police report number the invoice can be back charged to you for payment.
Gas Leaks
Image result for gas meters
  1. Turn off the gas to the property by accessing the meter box generally located at the front or side of your property. (See above Picture)
  2. Then raise a request through Maintenance Manager and remember to add all the details even the plumber if you have made contact with him. 
  3. Our plumbers are Will (Oceanblue Plumbing) 0419 624 708 or James (Plumbing Bros) 0499 745 110
Or you can call Alinta Gas on 13 13 58
Electrical Problems
Image result for rcd electrical
All properties are fitted with a standard, mandatory 2 RCD’s. RCD stands for Residual Current Device and these are located in your meter box generally above the gas meter box also at the front or side of your property. They provide a failsafe for your property and generally when there is an issue with the electrics in your house they will trigger. (Ie shut down the power to the affected area)  
One RCD is for power and the other is for lights. This will help you to identify the issue by checking the meter box when you lose power.
You may, if not resolved contact the electrician Mark from (KM2) on 0422 712 859 or Powerite on 0400 190 022
Note: If the issue is due to your appliance you will receive the invoice so please be sure before ringing. 
Note: Some properties may also have more than the standard two RCDS’s
Burst Water Pipes
Image result for burst water pipe

Please ensure you always turn of the Water Meter first located at the top of your garden on the side on the left or right of the boundary.
  1. If a burst reticulation pipe then turn off the reticulation, isolate the valve and raise a request through Maintenance Manager. (Please be very descriptive)
  2. If it is burst pipe to the house then once again call our Plumber Will (Oceanblue Plumbing) 0419 624 708 or James (Casotti Plumbing ) 0418 911 592.
If it burst is in or around the water meter road side then contact the water corporation on 13 13 85
Note: Reticulation can be left till the next business day as long as it is not continuously flowing, otherwise call the plumber. 
Power lines
 Image result for power lines down 
Call Synergy immediately on 13 13 51
Keys lost or locked in the house
 Image result for coloured keys
Note: Keys lost or locked in your house is not classified as an emergency. Therefore you will need to contact a locksmith at your cost.
  1. You can call Perth emergency locksmith on 0481 356 257 or Lockit Locksmith on 0497 091 535. This will be at your expense.  
Severe Damage to the property (Impact, Explosion, Storm Damage Collapsed Ceilings  
Image result for vehicle impact property

1. If there is an injury to the person then call 000 ambulance

2. Call the police and once again a police report number

3. If the any of the services are affected (Water, power and gas) then turn them off.

4. Call Alinta Gas in the case of a gas smell 13 13 58

5. Call the SES (State Emergency Service) on 1300 130 039 for any other assistance. (Storm Damage)
6. If there is structural damage to the property do not remain there go to a friends and remember to lodge all your maintenance via the app (Maintenance Manager) or email.

7. Your property manager will attend to the issues on the first working day. 

Note: In the event that the damage to the property is deemed to be a risk to you or your personal safety, then please contact our Licensee Pauline Francis on 0408 932 310.
Ensure you leave a clear and concise message.
PS: Don’t forget to leave your name and number.  
Image result for Happy smiley face
Ultimately be safe we want to see you again. 

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