Emergency Procedure for Tenants

Sometimes you may be faced with an emergency situation.


An emergency is defined as something that may harm someone, or may cause further damage to the property if left unattended. 

Our Property Managers can only be contacted during working hours. If you are faced with an emergency situation, and are unable to contact your Property Manager, we have listed a number of contacts who can provide you with assistance.

Break In & Damage To Glass
Contact the police and report the break in.
The police will give you a Police Report Number—you must report this to the office the next working day. Without obtaining the Police Report Number, the cost of replacing the glass will be invoiced to you. If there is any other damage to the property besides glass damage, this must be reported to your Property Manager the next working day.
You may contact the following recommended glaziers to secure the property:
Prompt Glass - 9330 5555 or 0411 872 938
Imperial Glass - 1300 721 122
You may instruct the glazier to forward the account directly to our office –marked attention to the Property Manager. If the glass breakage is the result of an act attributable to yourself, you may call the glazier to repair the broken glass, however payment of the invoice must be made by yourself. 

Hot Water System Stops Working
The required contact details for the different types of hot water systems are outlined below:
  • Gas Hot Water System:
If it is a gas hot water system, check that the pilot light is on. 
Oceanblue Plumbing - 0419 624 708
Cassotti Plumbers  - 0418 911 592
  • Electric Hot Water System
Black Wolf Electrical - 0401 201 702
KM2 Electrical0422 712 859
  • Solarhart Hot Water System
Solarhart - 9451 9311
You may contact one of the above listed plumbers
You may contact above listed electrician or a 7 day contractor

Lost Keys or Keys Locked Inside The Property
You may contact a locksmith directly, however the tenant must pay the account.
If you loose your keys or lock them inside during business hours, you may use the office keys by leaving a $50.00 key deposit at Reception, and the key deposit will be refunded as soon as you return the keys to the office.
Lock It Locksmith - 0497 091 535
AKN Locksmith - 0409 025 326
Please do not contact your Property Manager outside of business hours if you have locked yourself out of your property.

Severe Damage To Property
Always try to contact your Property Manager first. If you cannot contact her, you must then take the following steps:
If injury to another person call an Ambulance on 000
If there is a fire call the Fire Brigade on 000
Call SES (State Emergency Service) on 1300 130 039
If there are any burst water pipes, call any of the plumbers listed above and turn the water off at the mains.
If there is any electrical damage, call any of the electricians listed above and turn the power off at the mains.
If there is water damage to the carpets, call any of the recommended water extractors:
Flood Experts - 9455 7955
If there is structural damage to the house, flooding or electrical problems do not stay at the property.
The Property Manager will contact the building insurer the next working day, who will send an assessor and attend to any structural repairs.

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